About Us


Founded in 2012 by Dr. Shirley O’ Dea and Dr. Michael Maguire, Avectas’ highly experienced team of 20 is focused on vector-free delivery of advanced therapeutics, ex vivo. With payloads including mRNA and gene editing tools, the Avectas technology has demonstrated multiple advantages over viral and electroporation delivery. Avectas is ready to advance commercial partnerships with industry leaders in the areas of clinical CAR-T, gene editing and advanced drug delivery.

Company Profile

Avectas’ vector-free technologies offer a unique means of delivering proteins, antibodies, siRNA, mRNA, DNA and editing tools to the right target without challenges associated with viruses and other carriers. Our platform is supported by ten years of development with in vivo, ex-vivo and in-vitro data and a growing IP portfolio.

For ex-vivo applications, our technology has successfully delivered a broad spectrum of molecules into primary cells and stem cells, as well as adherent and suspension cell lines, with high efficiencies reaching 90% and toxicity below 10%. Avectas has additionally developed technology to encapsulate these engineered cells for in-vivo delivery.

Avectas has a number of collaborations with academia and industry, and is currently establishing new partnerships with leaders in cell therapy and immune therapy. For more information, please contact us.