Intracellular Delivery

Avectas technology is a vector-free delivery platform that enables instantaneous in-situ delivery of molecules to cultured cells ex-vivo. Molecules that do not cross the cell membrane can be efficiently delivered with the Avectas system. This includes proteins, antibodies, siRNA, mRNA, DNA and gene editing tools. The Avectas technology is based on a finely controlled application of a proprietary solution allowing entry of impermeant molecules to cells.

Payloads can be instantaneously delivered to cells in adherence or suspension. Target cells include primary T cells and stem cells. This method causes a gentle transient permeabilization of the cell membrane, allowing diffusion of molecules into the cell. The permeabilization is reversible, the cell membrane rapidly recovers resulting in low cell toxicity.


Among our developing suite of advanced drug delivery technologies is live cell encapsulation in the clinical setting. This complements the Avectas intracellular delivery technology by broadening our platform to modify cells and then encapsulate them for delivery in-vivo.

Our objective is to enable advanced therapies to reach the patient, focusing on gene editing and cell therapy including CAR-T.


Compared with electroporation delivery of mRNA, CRISPR/CAS9, RNPs to primary cells

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